Dip’s “Musiba” clip reaches one million views in two days on Youtube …

Dip Doundou Guiss managed to reach one million views on Youtube in 48 hours with his song “Musiba”. A first in the history of Senegalese hip-hop.

1 million views in 2 days

Rapper Dip broke the record for views in 2 days in the hip-hop scene. The clip has over a million views on Youtube. “Musiba” drew several comments upon its release due to the stiff competition noted between him and Ngaaka Blindé. Between criticism and appreciations from fans, social networks were inundated with discussions both on the quality of the sound and on the clip.

A first in the Senegalese rap game

Fans of the rapper from Grand-Yoff still achieved a goal at the request of Dip, who wanted to reach the milestone of one million views on Youtube in two days. Done. The rapper can now thank his admirers. Note that these figures have never been observed in the history of Senegalese hip-hop, since the arrival of the American audiovisual platform.

The title of “KING” confirmed by the clip

In this title, DIP proclaims himself as the King in the Senegalese rap game. He reminds his competitors who the king is, despite their incessant attacks. Between different punchlines and ego trips, DIP hits the table and warns the MCs: “their greatest misfortune is him.”

A clip that is doing great things in terms of statistics. No doubt this masterpiece will achieve a lot of views. The millions of views will rise to crescendo.

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