DIRECT – Coronavirus: contestation of restrictions in Europe, the United States facing the outbreak of the epidemic

The second wave of the coronavirus epidemic hits France. To cope, a national reconfinement has been in place since October 30 and until December 1 minimum.


Demonstrations against the restrictions linked to the pandemic were organized in several countries on Saturday in Europe, as the explosion of coronavirus cases in the United States forced New York to close its schools.

In total, at least 1,305,039 deaths, for 53,438,640 cases of the new coronavirus, have been officially recorded worldwide, according to a count made by AFP on Saturday at 11:00 GMT.

The United States is the most bereaved country with 245,574 deaths, ahead of Brazil (165,658 dead), India (129,188 dead), Mexico (98,259 dead) and the United Kingdom (51,304 dead). With 284,000 new daily cases, Europe is still the region with the strongest growth.


Brazilians vote on Sunday for municipal elections organized under the threat of the coronavirus pandemic and which could confirm the clear turn to the right started with the election of Jair Bolsonaro two years ago.

After being postponed for six weeks, this vote is marked by the Covid-19 health crisis, which has killed more than 165,000 in Brazil, the second most bereaved country in the world, and which risks limiting participation.

Sanitary arrangements have been made for this first round of voting to which some 148 million Brazilians are called, encouraged to bring their own pen, to disinfect their hands several times and to respect the distance in the polling stations.

5:46 am

Mexico surpassed one million confirmed Covid-19 cases on Saturday, after registering 5,860 new infections in 24 hours, the government said.

“(A total of) 1,003,253 people tested positive”, announced at a press conference Ricardo Cortes, of the Directorate General for Health Promotion.

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