The Atacama Prosecutor’s Office is investigating a complaint filed by the Housing and Urbanization Service, the Serviu, against those who are responsible for the identity theft of the organism’s regional director, Rodrigo Maturana.

According to the information released by the service, unknown persons called people posing as the director of the Serviu de Atacama, saying that they could buy homes if they deposited money in third party accounts.

From the Serviu they affirmed that the crime was carried out with the aim of defrauding families who aspired to have a home.

This was explained by the regional director of the Serviu de Atacama, Rodrigo Maturana, who, through the Legal Department of the entity, filed the complaint.

The deputy prosecutor of Copiapó, Luis Miranda, detailed that the PDI will be charged with proceedings and that they will study the possible criminal offense.

As stressed from the Serviu, the inhabitants of the Atacama Region who apply for the different housing subsidies of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism, must enter for free on the website, where you can also find all the information, requirements and application dates, in accordance with current regulations.