Director Priyadarshan Said He Will Not Direct Historical Films Again After Failure Of Mohalals Marakkar: Arabikadalinte Simham | Priyadarshan : Taking history and burning his whole body; Director Priyadarshan says he will not make historical films again

Priyadarshan is a director who has given a handful of great movies to Malayalees to remember and laugh forever. Priyadarshan has prepared many films in Mohanlal-Srinivasan collaboration. Even with the passage of time, Priyadarshan films have so many fans. Priyadarshan has also gifted Malayalam cinema with off-beat films like Kanjeevaram and historical films like Kalapani, not just laugh-out-loud films. At the same time, Priyadarshan says that he burnt his hand with the last historical film Maraikakar Arabikadalin Simham made with Mohanlal. Therefore, Priyadarshan said that he will not do any more historical films.



“I am a person who took history and burned his hands. I burned my whole body. If history is taken as history, then it is a documentary. History is written by those who win. In Portuguese history, Marakkar is bad. Arabic history is good. Who can we believe. There are many films that have distorted history. I will not do history anymore” Said.

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Priyadarshan’s National Award-winning film Marakaar faced a lot of criticism when it hit the theatres. Apart from the graphics, the dialogues of the film also paved the way for the film to be criticized. Later, Marakkar went to big trolls and praised the movie. After that, Priyadarshan is for the first time openly admitting that Marakkar is his failed attempt.

But he makes films to entertain the audience. Priyadarshan added that making films like Kanjeevaram is to fulfill his desire. But Priyadarshan opined that criticism can be done on social media but should not be personal murder.

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