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Director Yan Shanghao talks about the plan for the sequel of “Train To Busan” | HYPEBEAST

exist Netflix The latest original album “Hellbound“After the success, the directorYan ShanghaoRecently accepted Variety During the interview, he talked about his past and future projects, including “Train To Busan“The follow-up of (Zombie Speed ​​Train/Zombie Killing Train).

When asked about “Train To Busan” or “Peninsula“In the sequel, when he has a plan for a third zombie movie, he said: “As far as I am concerned, I do have some ideas for the further development of what happened after “Peninsula”, but as to whether I will To create a movie, I have to say that this is indeed what I want to do. But because I am currently making many works, I think I must first organize my thoughts and focus on what I have to do.”

As for the third film, Yan Shanghao said that it will be between the two previous works: “I will say that as far as the movie universe is concerned, they will be linked together. “Peninsula” is a post-apocalyptic world movie focused on car chasing. , The story I think of later will be closer to “Train To Busan”, the story will unfold in a small space. This is my current thinking, it can be said that it is between “Train To Busan” and “Peninsula”.” As for the movie Interested readers may wish to continue to pay attention to relevant news.

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