DirecTV ceases operations in Venezuela under pressure from international sanctions

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At 8 p.m. the pans began to sound from the populous neighborhood of Petare, east of Caracas, and they spread like thunder to the other end of the city in Catia, the Valley and Caricuao to protest massively and forcefully against Nicolás Ripe for lack of water, electricity, gasoline, gas, food and medicine. Last night its deafening noise did not let anyone sleep, much less the members of the regime who heard the metallic clack clack at the head of their official residences due to the avalanche of the Chavista strongholds shouting “outside Maduro” while they turned up the volume of the pans.

The trigger for the massive and forceful casserole that the Caracas residents without distinction of classes threw at the regime was the closure of the DirecTV cable chain, which covers no less than 45% of television users and the main entertainment in full swing. quarantine due to coronavirus.

The surprise suspension of the cable channel left more than 10 million Venezuelans unable to watch their favorite programs and movies because national channels no longer represent an alternative due to censorship and propaganda in favor of the regime. “Because it is impossible for AT&T DirecTV unit to comply with the legal requirements of both countries, AT&T was forced to close its pay TV operations in Venezuela,” the company said in a statement. The decision has “immediate effect,” he said.

The sanction of suspending its operations affects not only the majority of Venezuelans, but also the Globovisión and Petróleos de Venezuela chain, which uses the DirecTV platform to broadcast its programming. It is really an informational and communicational blackout against the Maduro regime that has 25 media that are now incommunicado. To play down the cut in cable television, Culture Minister Ernesto Villegas said that “now people will be able to read more.” Venezuelans have the lowest reading rate in the region and do not have the resources to buy books that are very expensive. Meanwhile, the Chavista deputy, Pedro Carreño, said in a derogatory way: “grab your sanctions there, you skinny idiots.”

“We are already obstinate, I have the pot dented from so much touching,” said a Caracas woman from the San Juan parish while her niece was panning with her mobile phone to show the thunderous multiplier noise that was produced on the balconies of the central avenue of San Martín . In the middle of the darkness, another neighbor from the blocks of El Silencio, half a block from the Miraflores palace, was eager to touch his frying pan from his window. In the distance you could hear bursts of detonations, supposedly from the FAES (Special Action Forces) police, trying to intimidate the saucepans with shots.

Social networks were the best space for the role of frying pans to the point of setting the #QueseArmeelPeoYa trend. The east and west of the Caracas valley joined in the quarantined protest. .


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