Dirty gender war between Sanders and Warren in the prelude to the Democratic primary

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Tonight on Tuesday, Democratic candidates for the US presidency. they are measured in the last debate before the primaries begin, state by state, which will decide the nominee of the party to contest the re-election of Donald Trump. The date comes in the middle of an open war between the two leftist candidates, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, with cross accusations of foul play and around a gender issue: Can a woman win this year’s presidential elections?

So far, Sanders and Warren, friends and fellow members of the Senate, have maintained the forms. Their proposals are similar – free universal sanity, greater financing of public higher education, tax pressure at high incomes and companies – and a good part of their electorates are set on. In a primary with an apparent favorite candidate – moderate Joe Biden, former vice president with Barak Obama – the coexistence of Sanders and Warren only divides the leftist vote. Logic requires that one of the two agglutinate their electorate if they want to deal with Biden.

Less than three weeks after the start of the primaries in Iowa – a key state in the elections and measuring the temperature of the candidates – the leftists have unearthed the battle ax. CNN revealed on Monday that Sanders told Warren at a meeting in December 2018, in the prelude to the candidates starting to announce his presidential race, that a woman could not win the elections in 2020. The revelations come from the environment of Warren and point to an attempt by the senator by Massachusetts to harm Sanders in a key issue for much of the Democratic electorate: gender equality.

Sanders reacted on Tuesday with a statement denying the accusation: “It is absurd to think that in the same meeting where Elizabeth Warren told me she was going to run for president, I told her that a woman could not win.” He did not accuse Warren, but the environment that leaked the conversation: “It is sad that, three weeks before the Iowa caucuses and a year after a private conversation, members of the organization that were not in place are lying about what happened. Then he explained that what he said that night is that Trump is “a sexist, racist and liar who will turn everything into a throwing weapon. Do I think a woman can win in 2020? Of course! Hillary Clinton already won Trump by three million votes in 2016. ”

Warren, however, threw more gasoline into the fire with another statement: “I thought a woman could win; he did not agree ».

The controversy occurred just after another brush between candidates. ‘Politico’ had published the weekend that the Sanders campaign instructed its volunteers to paint Warren as a candidate whose followers are people of high socioeconomic status and who “does not bring new voters to the Democratic Party.”

Warren said he was “disappointed after hearing that Bernie is using his volunteers to give me shit.”

It is not clear that the revelations about the December 2018 meeting are connected to that dirty game of Sanders, but it is clear that all that ammunition will be on the table in the impending debate that is also held in Iowa. if it’s a volcanic night or if leftist candidates try to put hot cloths in this open war. .


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