Disappearance of a Navy clearance diver during training

A major device was deployed to try to locate Adam Tahri, without success.

A demining diver from the French Navy is missing after training on Friday, September 17 in the harbor of Brest, announced the Maritime Prefecture of the Atlantic.

The Corsen Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center (CROSS) was alerted shortly after 1:00 p.m. by a team of clearance divers from the Atlantic Clearance Diver Group (GPD-A) that one of them had not come to the surface after a dive. An important device was deployed without success to try to locate the missing diver, indicates the maritime prefecture.

β€œAt 9:00 pm, the rescue operations by directed means were suspended for lack of new information. Nevertheless, research is continuing with resources from the French Navy and the maritime gendarmerie ”, she specifies. The Lorient gendarmerie brigade was seized of the investigation by the Brest prosecutor in order to determine the precise circumstances of this disappearance.

Navy clearance divers are a body of the French Navy, attached to the Naval Action Force, specializing in explosive device neutralization missions, underwater work, underwater research, and operations. amphibians or assault stripping as part of maritime counterterrorism. The Navy has three groups of clearance divers (GPD) since 1955 in Cherbourg, Brest and Toulon, armed by nearly 300 sailors.


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