Disappeared Beuys artwork appeared in the storage room in Oberhausen

Dhe Beuys work of art “Capri-Batterie”, which disappeared for a short time, is back. It was discovered in a storage room. On Monday evening it was back in the LWL Museum in Münster, as a spokeswoman confirmed. It is undamaged.

The artist group “Frankfurter Hauptschule” had previously informed them by email that the work by Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) had not been brought to Africa, as claimed last week. On loan from the LWL Museum for Art and Culture, the work was part of an exhibition in Oberhausen on the artist Christoph Schlingensief, who died ten years ago.

A spokeswoman in Oberhausen emphasized: “The Oberhausen Theater was never inaugurated into the action. The Frankfurt secondary school led the project and helped shape the content with its own video contributions. ”According to a press release, the exhibition will not reopen.

Artist group published confession video

“Confidence in the Oberhausen Theater has been severely disrupted,” said Hermann Arnold, head of the LWL Museum, as the owner of the German Press Agency on Monday. He hopes the police investigation will continue even if the work of art is back now, said Arnold. The museum director speaks of a criminal act. It is perfectly legitimate to point out problems such as looted art in colonialism, but this kind should not set a precedent. The police initially did not comment on the ongoing investigation.

On Thursday, the artist group confessed to the theft and claimed the work had been brought to Africa. The Oberhausen theater initially did not notice the loss, but later reported it to the police and suspected a staged theft.


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