disappointing results of the “100% health” reform

Orange with Media Services, published on Thursday 04 March 2021 at 15:25

On the other hand, the reform is bearing fruit with regard to dental prostheses.

Offer a selection of glasses and dental prostheses fully reimbursed by the compulsory and complementary Health Insurance, such was the objective of the 100% health reform, Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise which entered into force on January 1, 2020. If the reform reached its target for dental prostheses, it remains below expectations in optics, said Thursday March 4 the director of Social Security, Franck von Lennep, at a press conference.

The “remainder at zero charge” displays mixed results at the end of a year 2020 “very hectic in terms of the use of care”. With around 14% of lenses and 12% of optical frames fully reimbursed, “we can expect a little more”, even if “there may be glasses without out-of-pocket expenses other than 100% health”, depending on the guarantees of complementary health, said Franck von Lennep.

“In the network of mutual opticians, we are at a little over 20%”, rebounded Albert Lautman, general manager of the French Mutual, not convinced “that this offer is correctly put forward” everywhere. “We have negative feedback on disparaging practices among certain opticians (where) ‘100% health’ is assimilated to a low-end offer, “reported Marianick Lambert, member of the France Assos Santé office.

On the other hand, with 53% of dental prostheses at the “100% health” rate in December and an additional 21% “in the basket ‘remains at moderate expense”, “we can consider that we are really in the target”, said the director of Social Security. For hearing aids, fully reimbursed since January 1 only, “it is too early to have figures”, but “the first trends are positive”, with “a sharp increase in the rate of use in January”.

To ensure that the professionals concerned play the game well, the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) “is conducting a survey in optical and hearing aid stores“, underlined Julie Pougheon, director of the health insurance offer.” These controls began at the end of 2020 “and target” several hundred “points of sale, said Franck von Lennep, adding that” the the objective is not to immediately lead to sanctions “.

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