Disciple “Former Phra Yantra” hijacked the person who posted the clip. Hurry and ask for forgiveness. Still, there may be a big catastrophe.

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24 Oct. 2021 12:51

“Wan Yubamrung” asks for the Buddhist school. after social media criticized the picturemonks bow downFormer Yantrawhile on the other side Disciple posted a message to the person who released the clip, asking him to ask for forgiveness.

From the case of the online world, photos were shared by Mr. Winai Laungsuwan, a former monk who traveledback to Thailand Celebrate the 70th birthday along with traveling to preach the Dharma in various places. There are many disciples, both monks and lay people attending to listen and pay homage. which has a currentDramaperiodically followed According to the news already

Progress after yesterday’s social world has shared clips. “Former Yantra” led monks and nuns to perform physical exercises Both Kuck and Monkey were delighted, and they debated whether it was appropriate or not. along with calling for the National Buddhism Office to inspect One of those who commented was Mr. Wan Yubamrung, a Bangkok MP for the Pheu Thai Party.

Mr Wan said that he saw a news photo of monks wearing yellow clothes, holding the precepts, bowing down to the Alachi. Appropriate or not, but before there was a case before going to America that he is not correct ready to call on the Office of Buddhism come check this Or just keep on catching the wrong 2 P.S. that went live and laughed.

while the Facebook pageYantra of Sunyataram” has revealed the message via Facebook. Some parts, some episodes, leave a message to the person who released the clip saying “Dedicated to those who filmed the clip and fell out to the masses. whether it is intentional or not knowing as much as the situation Even those images did not occur at Kelita Bodhivihara. But the disciples knew exactly where these events took place.

While Phra Ajahn was still in Pathum Thani before he left Thailand Find an opportunity to take a candle and incense sticks to ask for forgiveness from the Master and the Sangha quickly. If you are indifferent or ignorant, you will have regrets. It may bring great calamity to yourself, your family, or your ancestry. When he asks for forgiveness from heavy, he will pay back to light.
To do anything and bring further suffering and damage to the Master in this manner, we do not deserve it to happen any more. Let’s help each other to bring comfort and lighten the burden from you so that you may be comfortable in your old age”.

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