Disconnecting from the PlayStation Network kept the PS4 and PS5 players offline

Disconnecting from the PlayStation Network kept the PS4 and PS5 players offline

The last few weeks have been the Xbox Network Themes This Players online وحتى Preventing them from launching their own gamesNow it’s PlayStation’s turn. The PlayStation Network Status Page From a power outage that would prevent people from communicating or being able to create accounts.

DownDetector The follow-up started Issues were reported shortly after 5:00 PM ET, and the Status page confirmed issues starting at 5:41 PM that affected PS5, PS4, PS3, PS Vita and online services.

According Some stickers on Reddit, Bugs mean that ownership and play of digital games cannot be verified, while on my console I can play any game except multiplayer games that require an internet connection. There is no information on how quickly the issue can be resolved, but we will update this post as soon as more information becomes available.

As indicated by some posters, it’s almost ten years from now Sony has confirmed that the prolonged PSN outages have already been caused by outside hackersAlthough there is no indication of anything unusual about this disorder.

Update (18:40 ET): Several people reported successful reconnection, although the PlayStation Status page has not been updated yet.

Update (19:13 ET): According To the status page Everything is clear, no word is the cause of the problem, but you should be able to play it again. If you still have problems, try it Embed a Tweet On Twitter.

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