Discount up to 6,000 and then send accessories! Sony Xperia PRO-I, Xperia 5 III store limited offer 4/1 start

Sony Mobile Limited Time Offer is Running! From April 1, 2022 to April 30, 2022, the Xperia PRO-I value package will be offered at all mobile communication stores in Taiwan, and the purchase of Xperia 5 III will be free. Year warranty service.

During the event, if you go to the Sony Mobile mobile communication store, you can enjoy a limited-time special price of 46,880 yuan for a single Xperia PRO-I, plus 4,000 yuan in accessories shopping credit, and a limited-time Xperia PRO-I luxury camera set, you can enjoy a limited time The special price is 48,880 yuan; during the event, you can get the original leather back cover (XQZ-CLBE) and a customized leather bracelet (limited quantity, stock out until).

In addition, from April 1, 2022 to April 30, 2022, when you purchase the flagship Xperia 5 III from Sony Mobile, you can get 3,000 yuan in free accessories shopping; Sony Mobile is also targeting Xperia PRO -I, Xperia 1 III, Xperia 5 III, Xperia 10 III, plan to extend the one-year warranty service in mobile communication stores, and also enjoy exclusive discounts such as old-for-new and zero-interest installment for limited models.

Sony Mobile Mobile communication store exclusive discount, VIP Prestige service, two-year mobile phone warranty, discounts for old replacements, zero interest rate for credit card installments

  1. Exclusive “VIP Honorary Service” for purchase: Including mobile phone warranty for 1 + 1 year, VIP members can enjoy exclusive birthday gifts and other discounts. For details, please refer to:
  1. Instalment 0 interest rate discount: Purchase Xperia PRO-I, Xperia 1 III, Xperia 5 III at Sony Mobile mobile communication store to enjoy swiping card instalment zero interest rate discount, easy to pay every month.
  1. Mobile phone trade-in, many discounts: Sony Mobile mobile communication stores and Sony stores offer old-to-new discounts, old-to-new models include a variety of Android and iOS models (for details of the discount amount and plan, please contact Sony Mobile communication store).

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