Discover 10 Telegram functions to optimize your experience

Telegram is one of the most complete multifunctional platforms in the world, thanks to a wide range of features that allows it to outperform direct competitors such as WhatsApp.

The RT web portal prepared 10 practical Telegram functions that very few know, learn about them here:

  1. Proximity alert

Telegram users can share their location with each other in real time for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. However, in the case of Telegram, both parties can also configure notifications, which take the form of notification when the other user appears at a specified distance.

To activate this option, you have to press the preview of the map in the chat and open it large, touch the radar icon and choose a proximity radius between 0 and 99 kilometers away. We must not forget to first give permission to Telegram to access the location in the background.

  1. Silent scheduled messages

Telegram allows you to schedule messages for future delivery or send them without sound so as not to disturb the recipient when we know they are busy. After writing the message in the text box, we must touch the ‘Send’ button, leaving it pressed, after which the two options will appear: ‘Send without sound’ or ‘Schedule message’.

  1. Create your own theme

If the classic blue Telegram theme doesn’t convince you, the application allows you to customize the interface to your liking. You can manually choose the background color of the chats, the highlight color and that of the messages. You can also choose one of the pre-established generic themes. We will find all the settings if we open ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Appearance’.

  1. Organize chats in folders

This feature allows you to group various conversations in a folder according to their topic. For example, work chats can be combined or news channels separate from personal conversations.

To do this you have to open the ‘Settings’ category and then click on the ‘Folders’ option. You can choose one of the smart folders that Telegram offers (groups, channels, bots, read, archived, etc.) or create our own. Folders appear as tabs at the top of the application, indicating the number of unread messages.

  1. Edit and replace images already submitted

Did we send a wrong photo? Telegram makes it easy, since together with the useful option to delete the message, the application allows us to replace photos and even edit them after they have been shared, either in individual or group chats.

To do so, just click on the image you want to modify or change and choose the ‘Edit’ option, where you can replace the image with another or decorate it with effects, drawings or stickers.

  1. Voice chats

Added at the end of December, this new feature allows group calls with members of the same conversation. The ‘app’ does not automatically add all members of the group, but allows you to invite the desired users manually. Group members can leave the call and rejoin it at any time.

To activate this option we have to open the group where we want to start the voice chat and touch its name. In this way, we will enter the group file with all the information and the members that are part of it. In the upper right there is a button with three dots (⋮) that we must press to choose ‘Start voice chat’. If it does not appear, it may be because the version of Telegram we have is not up to date.

  1. Animated emojis

With each update, Telegram continues to expand its ‘troops’ of animated emojis. Most serve to express emotions more vividly, although some are purely interactive. In fact, we can throw a virtual dice, play darts, send a soccer or basketball ball to see if we score a goal or make a basket, or try our luck with the emoji of the slot machine.

  1. Pinned messages

This Telegram tool allows you to anchor one or multiple messages, in such a way that they always appear at the top of any channel or chat, whether personal or group. To do so, we must find the message that we want to anchor, hold it down and then choose the ‘Fix’ option in the pop-up menu.

  1. Playlists

Besides being a messaging platform, Telegram can also be used as a music player. When multiple audio files are sent at the same time, they will automatically be grouped together as a playlist, making them easy to listen to and forward.

  1. Suggest features

Many features of the platform began as user suggestions, so the Telegram team decided to create a public platform for errors and suggestions “to help identify potential new features and locate errors in the ‘app’”, according to its developers in the last update. So, if some of the features mentioned have inspired you new ideas, now you can share them in the link above. / JML



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