discover his children Aaron and Joseph! They are sublime

Singer, actress, juror on the show The Voice, godmother of different associations, Jenifer is not idle. She is also a caring mother of two children, Aaron and Joseph. His sons, who are 16 and 6 years old respectively, have always supported him and brings him a lot of love.

“Take care, protect yourself, protect everybody and together we go triumph in the face of this epidemicJenifer recently said on social media. With a benevolent tone, Jenifer wants everyone to be healthy. On October 31, the artist confided his difficulty regaining great shape after contracting the coronavirus. But if the Covid-19 reached her, the singer is careful to keep a positive state of mind.

Jenifer can count on the support of her children

During this ” surreal and so singular period », his family is a strong support. At almost 38, she can rely on her two offspring Aaron and Joseph. The family is really tight-knit. 16 years ago Jenifer gave birth to his first child, Aaron, the result of her romance with musician Maxim Nucci. Ten years later, the winner of the 1st season of the show “Star Academy” gave birth to a second child. Joseph, who is now 6 years old, was born from his affair with actor Thierry Neuvic. The one who narrowly escaped death in 2017 in a traffic accident has often pointed out the fundamental role of her children.

A special relationship with his elder Aaron

His children supported him through difficult times and trials. Even so, Jenifer has a special relationship with Aaron that is different from the one she has with Joseph. ” Teenagerlescent, I’ve always been her mother, but I grew up with it. It created a close relationship between us, and a lot of bonding », She had indicated to the magazine Paris Match. With the smallest, everything is different. ” My youngest, it’s just as extraordinary, but it’s not the same story to have a child in twenty years old and have one at thirty years. Even if it’s the same love total for both, of course. »

A well organized family

Jenifer multiplies the activities: singer, actress, juror for tv shows, and mother of a family. But comment organiser his personal and professional life when you have such a full life? In the magazine Large channels TV, the singer confided her secret with self-mockery: “I split up, it’s my power, you mustn’t tell anyone. ” More seriously, the organization is central. ” I’m just organizing myself very well. We do not reach the goal every day. I also want to have one life, several very lives », She had indicated. On the radio antenna Europe 1, the artist revealed that he managed to spend a lot of time with his boys, and also read a lot at night. ” I make up a lot of stories, we do a lot in improvisation. »

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