Discover that you have breast cancer thanks to a tourist attraction

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A trip to a tourist attraction in Scotland changed the life of Bal Gill, a 41-year-old woman, who discovered that she had breast cancer when it was introduced in a thermal camera.

The woman was looking at the images of her trip to the Dark Chamber and World of Illusions, in Edinburgh, when he noticed a heat patch on his chest. He then requested an appointment with his doctor, who diagnosed him with early breast cancer. Experts warn that Gill was lucky and that thermal imaging cameras are not effective in detecting the disease

Gill, who visited the attraction in May, wrote a letter to the Dark Chamber after his diagnosis that has been published on the website of the tourist attraction: “Now I have had two surgeries and I have one to prevent it from spreading. I just wanted to thank you: without that camera, I would never have known. I know it is not the objective of the camera, but for me, it really was a visit that changed my life ».

"We wish her all the best with her recovery and hope to meet her and her family in the future," said Andrew Johnson, general manager of the Dark Chamber and World of Illusions.

Gill may have had a stroke of luck thanks to a thermal imaging camera, but medical experts do not recommend using these devices for detection purposes.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also warns against the use of thermal cameras as an independent diagnostic tool. «Thermography It is not a substitute for regular mammograms and should not be used instead of mammography for the detection or diagnosis of breast cancer, ”the FDA said in a guide published in February 2019.

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