Discover the Adorable and Versatile Toy Camera Pieni Ⅱ: Perfect for Retro Camera Enthusiasts and Creative Photography!

2023-10-02 05:39:40
Retro cameras are in trend these days! It reminds us that Japanese camera accessories brand Kenko previously launched a mini toy camera called Toy Camera Pieni Ⅱ. This camera turns heads with its cute looks and variety of options. Cute appearance and various options Toy Camera Pieni Ⅱ is addictive in terms of appearance design. The brand provides orange, pink, mint green, black and four cartoon paint colors, allowing everyone to choose according to their own preferences. This design not only makes the camera a photography tool, but also a fashion accessory or cute decoration! The camera comes with a portable halter strap, making it extremely convenient to carry. Not only can it take still photos, but it can also record videos. In addition, it can be placed as a decoration. Even if you don’t use it to take pictures, just looking at its appearance is cute enough. Suitable for children and creative photography enthusiasts. Although the design of Toy Camera Pieni Ⅱ is exciting, the functions of Toy Camera Pieni Ⅱ are relatively simple, and its performance is slightly inferior to the photography functions of smartphones. Therefore, this camera is more suitable for children to play and shoot, for creative photography enthusiasts to create casually, or as an interesting photography prop. Toy Camera Pieni Ⅱ Specifications Summary Image sensor: 1/10 type CMOS Total pixels: 1.31 million pixels / 1.31 million effective pixels Lens: f=3.2 mm F 2.8 Photographic distance: about 0.3 m~∞ Built-in memory: No available space, external storage required SD card External storage: micro SD card (128 MB 2 GB), micro SDHC card (4 GB 16 GB) File format: Still image: JPEG / Animation: MJPEG (AVI) / Sound: MP3 Shutter speed: 1/100 second ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100 Power supply: Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery Input and output port: USB 2.0 Dimensions: Approximately 51×36×18 mm Weight: Approximately 18 grams (excluding micro SD card and accessories) Full article here: 2023 Product Express |Retro cameras are the way to go! Have you ever seen this ultra-mini camera? Toy Camera Pieni Ⅱ can take photos and videos, and it can also act as a cute shopping encyclopedia to help you buy smartly and with high value. To choose and find something, go to iGood Love Items!
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