Discover the Entertaining and Heartwarming Story Universe of Matalada, Phu Mek, and Tri Chat

2023-06-02 14:41:34

Feelings after reading 💬

Recommend people who buy Matalada novels to read that You have to buy the Phu Mek book to read as well, it will be very satisfying. Because Matalada and Phumek are brothers and sisters from the same mother. have the same uncle And they are close because they are from the same family. causing Matalada to participate in Phumek’s story as well, so when reading it, it feels like the scene with Matalda is a special episode of the Matalda novel. Because the story of Phu Mek will be told when Matalada is married until she has a lovely child. When reading the love of Matalada and Dr. Purim, it came out like a shout. So satisfying!

As for Phumek’s content, he himself said that it was a novel that was not stressful to read either. Very impressed with the funnyness of this story. Read it and laugh out loud. With a story in the story that has a bit of fantasy about Phu Mek’s special ability that can talk to animals In the story, it will be a question and answer between animals. There are talking sounds of various animals, especially dogs. So there was entertainment between dogs and people. Say that people who are dog slaves will definitely enjoy this story. Because after reading it, I love each dog very much.

This story may have some drama. but didn’t feel heavy There is no fixed villain, but it will be a family story with any problems that do not fit together. It takes more understanding to solve problems.

Another thing is that this story will also reflect the problems of the elderly in the family as well. Have a comfortable life in the house of the eldest child. But I’m so lonely After reading and thinking Elderly people like grandparents at our house. It’s a story that teaches in this story very well because it has another point of view. No matter how good the external things are, it’s not as important as the peace of mind in our hearts.

tri tiered tri tiered

In addition to these two There is also a tri-tiered story in this novel universe. Trichat is Pennueng’s cousin. from Matalada Trichat also plays a role in Matalada. But this is a separate book of Tri Chat again, it is his love life. Which I personally haven’t read yet. But if anyone is interested, you can try to read it.

can follow and buy all three stories together atMatalda

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Or anyone who wants to have it in book form can order it at the Facebook page of writer Nattnara.

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