Discover the Rising Star: Bryce James at the Nike EYBL Peach Jam Tournament

2023-07-05 17:52:00

Bronny James, LeBron’s son who recently signed with USC, will be one of the most watched college players next season. But his little brother Bryce is also starting to make a name for himself, he who today attracts NBA scouts to the Nike EYBL Peach Jam Basketball Tournament.

But what is this tournament with an extended name like that? Basically, it’s a tournament that brings together the best high school students in the United States each summer. It is currently taking place in North Augusta (South Carolina) and as you can imagine, NBA scouts as well as college coaches are on hand to assess the young nuggets.

Among them this summer, there is therefore Bryce James, the second son of LeBron.

Just 16 years old, 1m96 for 82 kilos, playing at fullback with glasses on his nose. So much for the main characteristics of the young man, who has recently been wearing the colors of Campbell Hall High School, and represents the “Strive For Greatness” team (we wonder where that name comes from…) at the Peach Jam tournament this week.

According to Krysten Peek, draft analyst for Yahoo Sports, scouts from many NBA teams wanted to see Bryce James as a priority on the first day of the tournament, which started on Monday. And when we say “many”, it’s… “many”: Lakers, Magic, Cavaliers, Mavericks, Heat, Knicks, Suns, Hawks, and a few more if we believe Mr. Peek.

How did LeBron’s other son do in front of all those scouts? Not too bad obviously, he who scored 12 points in his first match (a victory) while showing his qualities as a shooter with two winning shots returned.

Bryce James made his Peach Jam debut this past weekend ????

Scouts from the Lakers, Magic, Cavs, Mavs, Knicks, Suns and Hawks were among the teams to make it a “priority” to watch 16-year-old Bryce at the tournament, per @krystenpeek

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— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) July 5, 2023

In the shadow of his big brother Bronny, Bryce James is gradually starting to show up on the basketball court. He has grown in size dramatically and dad never misses an opportunity to share his highlights on Instagram. According Yahoo SportsLeBron should also made the trip to South Carolina in the coming days to encourage his second son.

FYI, Bryce James is part of the class of 2025 (graduation year). He is now considered a prospect 4 stars by ESPNand even as more talented than Bronny in the eyes of some…

“Bryce James has more physical abilities than Bronny, he is already taller than him. Physically, he looks more like LeBron when he was 16,” said Brian Windhorst (ESPN) a few months ago, specifying all the same that Bronny is much more obsessed with basketball than his little brother.


Source texte : Yahoo Sports

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