Discovered near Bucha, this is a “mass grave” that buried the civilians slaughtered by the Russian army. press)

An earthy mannequin-like corpse dug up one after another, a keen sense of injustice in the Russian army

An officer excavating a body from a “mass grave” found in the woods (photographed by the author on the 13th)

(Masato Kimura, International Journalist in London)

[From Kyiv Oblast]On the morning of June 13, in the woods near Kyiv Oblast, the body of a civilian who was killed under Russian occupation and buried in the ground was found, according to the local Kyiv Oblast police headquarters. I was contacted.

Just that day, I was planning to go around Irpin, Bucha, and Host Meri, which were temporarily occupied by the Russian army, under the guidance of a collaborator, so I jumped in to join the joint interview at the corpse excavation site.

Russian army land mines in the forest where the body was found

At the meeting place, Kieu Regional Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital, “The forest where the body was found is filled with land mines of the Russian army. There is a possibility that land mines of the old war may remain. I may have to go back in the back because I’m going to. ” I was a little scared, but I can’t come back here.

The collaborator said, “It’s not easy to go. I’m waiting here.” So the author and his wife, Fumiko (former NTV London bureau news producer), kindly went to the car with the kindness of the Japanese media. I was allowed to ride with me and headed to the site. Before entering the forest, Andrey Nebitov, chief of the Kyiv Oblast Police Headquarters, repeatedly stabbed the nail, saying, “Never go off the side road. Don’t move around.”

There was a mass grave on the other side of this dirt road (photographed by the author on the 13th).

Russian troops hiding in the woods were digging trenches here and there to escape the Ukrainian counterattack. The author and his wife carefully followed the other reporters. The heat was over 30 degrees Celsius every day, but it was cool that day. He said he was searching for land mines in the woods and found his body buried. At first, it was said that only one body was found.

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