“Discoveries”: Apple Music gets new personalized station

2023-08-07 21:45:53

Apple Music today launched the personalized radio station “Discoveries” (in English: “Discovery Station”). The addition, aimed at delivering music attuned to user preferences, was released quietly, without a big announcement.

The station marks Apple’s attempt to compete with Apple’s much-touted suggestion algorithm. Spotify, its main competitor. While the personal station combines songs already known by users with new recommendations, the new one aims to introduce new melodies, selected according to individual musical tastes.

The “Discoveries” station is expected to work similarly to the playlist “Mix: discoveries”, but with the advantage of offering continuous playback, rather than a fixed set of 25 tracks. There are still no official details on how the algorithm behind the station works.

Another novelty is the aesthetic update of the station covers. The traditional personal station artwork, once dominated by a red play button, now features an animated arrow in shades of red and orange. In contrast, “Descobertas” stands out with colors in shades of blue and purple.

For now, a Siri command for direct access to the new station has not yet been integrated. However, this functionality is likely to be incorporated in future updates, along with possible official announcements or mentions in upcoming iOS versions.

The station is now available to Apple Music subscribers worldwide. In contrast, its effectiveness will be put to the test as users explore it and evaluate its ability to suggest new additions to their libraries.

Regardless, their addition appears to be a significant step forward in the battle of algorithms. ????‍♂️

Apple Music has a catalog of more than 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists — many of them supporting Spatial Audio (Dolby Atmos) and in very high definition, with audio Lossless. For those who love classical music, there’s a dedicated app with over 5 million tracks, all in a streamlined interface! In Brazil, there are three types of subscription: University (BRL 11.90/month), Individual (BRL 21.90/month) is Familiar (BRL 34.90/month). If you are not a subscriber, You can test the service for free for one month.. It is also part of the company’s Apple One subscription package.

of Apple

Version 2.6.4 (1.9 MB)
Requires the iOS 10.0 or superior

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