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In the Lot, a cooperative is innovating. “Our originality is on two levels: first, we are very anchored in a territory, describes the director of the Fermes de Figeac cooperative, Guillaume Dhérissard. We are an actor in local development and at our level, we try to be an actor in today’s transitions.“Saturday February 27, Catherine Matausch went to meet her, in the Lot, to talk about farmers who innovate.

Innovate to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s agriculture

This cooperative aims to “offer a quality and local food offer“and play a role in the energy transition.”We have installed nearly eight hectares of solar roofs on our livestock buildings, making it one of the most important parks in France.“, explains the director. The cooperative is also trying to attract more and more young people, many of whom want”a link to life and professions that have meaning, which provide solutions“, adds Gérard Dhérissard.

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