Discovering a planet with Earth-like features

A recent study revealed that a new planet is 26 light-years away from Earth, and has characteristics very similar to ours.

And the “Space” website reported a study that stated that this exoplanet, which it called “Glies 486b”, has an atmosphere like Earth.

The planet “Glies 486b” is the third closest transiting exoplanet among the exoplanets known to scientists, and it is about 1.3 times larger than the planet Earth, and it is 2.8 times heavier than it.

The newly discovered planet is characterized by being very bright and very close to the star that follows it, as it revolves around its star once every day and a half almost every day, which makes it so hot that its average temperature reaches at least 430 degrees Celsius.

It is likely that the remaining planets, which are far from this star and bear the same characteristics as the discovered planet, have an atmosphere and are habitable, in light of the low probability of life on Glies 486 B due to the temperature inside it.

Source: Sputnik


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