Discovery of natural substances capable of regulating fat cells in poisonous mushrooms

Brown-yellow Maniac Mushroom.
Photo = Courtesy of the National Institute of Forestry and Science

[대전=이데일리 박진환 기자] A Korean research team has succeeded in discovering a natural substance that can be used as a medicine in poisonous mushrooms. The National Academy of Forest Sciences announced on the 26th that it had discovered a new natural substance that can regulate fat cells in ‘Brown-yellow Maniac Mushroom’, which causes hallucination poisoning, through joint research with Professor Ki-hyun Kim of the College of Pharmacy at Sungkyunkwan University. Brown-yellow mandarin mushroom is a poisonous mushroom that causes hallucinations and poisoning symptoms such as mental anxiety when collected from forests and ingested.

The new substance discovered by the joint research team is a new hexacyclic ergosterol derivative compound in which ergosterol, a precursor for vitamin D synthesis, and styrylpyrone, an anticancer ingredient, are combined. It has been proven that natural substances other than novel substances can regulate lipid metabolism in adipocytes by regulating adipogenesis and inducing lipolysis. The results of this study were recognized for their usefulness and were selected as the 23rd cover paper of ‘Organic Letters’, a prestigious chemistry journal in the field of organic chemistry. The joint research team has recently discovered a useful substance that inhibits the proliferation of lung and prostate cancer cells in brown-yellow mandarin mushroom.

The research results are also the results obtained by isolating a specific compound from the extract of the brown-yellow maniac mushroom, and it can be used as a medicine after undergoing various studies such as human safety verification, animal experiments and clinical trials. Han Sim-hee, head of the Forest Microbiology Research Division at the National Academy of Forest Sciences, said, “We will continue to strengthen research that explores the new value and usefulness of forest mushrooms and use them as new materials for the future forest bio industry. We will strengthen research to discover functions,” he said.


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