Dismissal required in the case of the young Senegalese, Babacar Guèye, killed by a police officer.

A dismissal was requested this Saturday concerning a French policeman who shot deadly against the Senegalese, Babacar Guèye, killed in Rennes in the west of France. In this murder case which dates back to 2015, the police officer acted in self-defense according to the city’s public prosecutor’s office, reports several Western media visited by Dakaractu.

“The police officer who used his weapon responded concomitantly, necessary and proportionately to the aggression of Babacar Guèye on his person,” said prosecutor Philippe Astruc in a statement. He indicated on the document that the police officer “acted in self-defense and must therefore be declared criminally irresponsible for the count of murder”.

It was on the night of December 2 to 3, 2015 that the facts unfolded when Babacar Guèye, a young Senegalese 27 years old born in Pikine and arrived in France a year earlier, was staying with friends in Rennes, Gabriel Guèye and his wife. That evening, Babacar was going through a fit of delirium, mutilating his stomach with a knife, when he was hit with five (5) bullets at close range fired by one of the police who tried to immobilize him with a Taser. The scene continued on the landing and then on the stairs. He was then handcuffed to the ground before being declared dead by the emergency services.

The press release of the prosecutor Philippe Astruc explains that “all the investigations show in Babacar Guèye a behavior directly threatening the physical integrity of Gabriel Guèye”, “then the police officers, and particularly the police officer”.

If it is “established that five ballistic projectiles coming from the service weapon of the shooting police officer reached Babacar Guèye”, these two series of shots “did not make it possible to put an end to the action of Babacar Guèye, who s ‘is relieved and resumed its threatening and armed march towards the shooter, ”notes the prosecution.

In his reasons, the prosecutor underlines “the proportionality” of the action of the police officers: “repeated summons” to drop his weapon, use by the police officers of a Taser and telescopic sticks, and “the single use” then in ” ultimate necessity “, a” repeated new use of the service weapon “.

“It is now up to the investigating magistrate (…) to issue an order in the coming weeks which will close the judicial investigation,” said the prosecutor.

In this case, a first investigation opened by the prosecution was dismissed in July 2016. The family then lodged a complaint with a civil party in January 2017. A new judicial investigation was then opened and the policeman responsible for the fatal shooting had been placed under the status of assisted witness.


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