Disney also keeps ‘Mulan’ out of Dutch cinemas

Walt Disney has filled theaters with the biggest blockbusters in recent years, but now the house of the mouse is not doing the cinemas a good service. The potential blockbuster Mulan probably not shown in cinemas in most countries.After the open criticism from England and France, it is now clear that the news has also landed at the largest Dutch cinema chain. The fairytale film by director Niki Caro has completely disappeared from Pathé’s website.

So Mulan in the Netherlands on Disney +?
Because of this it may be assumed that Mulan will also appear in the Netherlands via Disney +, presumably with a price tag of about thirty euros. Last weekend, almost 4,000 FilmTotaal visitors announced whether they would rent the film for 30 euros. Only 95 visitors (approx. 2%) said they were going to do this.

Mulan of course follows the well-known story from the Disney cartoon of the same name from 1998. We see how the daughter of the emperor joins the army. And this is prohibited for women. Mulan will likely appear on Disney + on September 4.

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