Disney +: Atlanta Medical, Seasons 1 to 3 on Disney +: Start, Plot, Cast

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Disney + will soon be showing seasons 1 to 3 of the Atlanta Medical hospital series. We will inform you about the start, the plot and the actors in the cast.

With “Atlanta Medical” Disney + is adding a new hit series to its program in March. The series, which bears the original title “The Resident”, was first released in January 2018 in the USA broadcast and only last year extended by a fourth season, which can currently be seen on American television.

When does the series with seasons 1 to 3 start on Disney + in Germany? What is the plot about? And who are the cast of “Atlanta Medical”? We have the information for you.

Start: When will seasons 1 to 3 of “Atlanta Medical” be seen on Disney +?

“Atlanta Medical” can be seen from Friday, March 19, 2021 on the streaming service Disney +. From this point on, all three seasons with a total of 57 episodes are available for download there.

After Disney + has increased the price of a subscription, it is now 8.99 euros per month and 89.99 euros per year for a membership. Previously, the price for such a subscription was 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year. Disney justifies the price increase by stating that the streaming service has been massively expanded and is now increasingly aimed at an adult audience. Among other things, the viewer can now find content from the company’s own production companies there ABC, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight and FX Studios.

Synopsis: This is what “Atlanta Medical” is about

The young and utterly perfectionist resident doctor Devon Pravesh has just finished his medical degree at Harvard University and is now starting his first job at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. There he will meet the unconventional and researching, but at the same time brilliant assistant doctor Dr. Conrad Hawkins submits, who should familiarize him with the tasks and processes in the hospital.

Little by little, the young Devon gets to know both the positive and the negative sides of everyday hospital life in an unadorned way. He realizes that the work there is completely different from what he learned at Harvard University and what he imagined. Every day has new surprises in store and it is not uncommon for moral boundaries to become blurred. Devon is becoming increasingly aware that medicine is not just a calling but a business as well.

Cast: These are the actors in the cast of “Atlanta Medical”

Here is an overview of the cast of “Atlanta Medical”:

actor Role name
Matt Czuchry Dr. Conrad Hawkins
Manish dayal Dr. Devon Pravesh
Emily VanCamp Nicolette
Bruce Greenwood Dr. Randolph Bell
Merrin Dungey Claire Thorpe
Moran Atias Renata Morali
Melina Kanakaredes Dr. Lane Hunter
Shaunette Renee Wilson Dr. Mina Okafor
Jane Leeves Dr. Kitt Voss
Malcolm-Jamal Warner Dr. AJ Austin
Glenn Morshower Marshall Winthrop
Dr. Barrett Cain Morris Chestnut


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