Disney +: Hamilton is a vibrant musical that travels from history to the present day of the United States

Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and protagonist of this piece that has just been released in streaming

Hamilton (EE. UU./2020). Address: Thomas Kail. Script: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ron Chernow. Photography: Declan Quinn. Music: Lin-Manuel Miranda. Edition: Jonah Moran. List: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Philippa Soo, Leslie Odom Jr., Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Renée Elize Goldsberry, Jonathan Groff. Duration: 160 minutes. Available in: Disney+. Our opinion: very good

Hamiltonit is not cinema. It is the record filmed live, with cameras, direct sound and a montage similar to that of any feature film by one of the most successful, influential and engaging Broadway musicals of recent times. Two hours and 40 minutes at the service of a work that, beyond its artistic merits, became a key space for political discussion in the United States,installed with force at the time of the presidency of Barack Obama (whose second term coincided with the resounding premiere of the musical) and expanded in the troubled years of the Trump administration.

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This literal expression of filmed theater was made in 2016 in a New York room with the participation of the original cast of the set, led by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Born in Manhattan of a Puerto Rican family. Author of the lyrics and music and interpreter of the leading character, Miranda takes the figure of Alexander Hamilton as an example, reference, inspiration, model and beacon of the nation that you imagine as an artist and an American citizen belonging to an ethnic minority.

Hamilton was one of the founding fathers of the United States, a decisive man in shaping the central government that emerged after the declaration of independence in 1776, Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington’s presidency, a fervent promoter of federalism and a pioneer of what to From its impulse it derived in the alternation between parties to occupy power from the elections, one of the pillars of the American political system and the functioning of its democratic institutions.

But in Miranda’s vision, Hamilton is not just a historical figure. His spirit and heritage take on immense contemporary value that is embodied in the multiracial character of today’s American society and in some of its artistic manifestations. Rap, hip hop and Latin rhythms are the vehicles through which Miranda travels with energy, conviction, catchy melodies and sharp observations that time of political forging, ardent discussions and big questions that she finds today as a mirror. The cast, made up of talented black, Latino and other ethnic minority actors and singers (the only white performer, Jonathan Groff, embodies the King of England, George III), further underscores that statement of principle.

Anyone unfamiliar with the politics and history of the United States will be somewhat perplexed by such a vibrant portrait of events that may at first glance be very alien. But you can also feel that Miranda’s drive is enough to go out and discover that world and join the knowledge of a debate that the road to the recent presidential election made even more complex. In that context, Hamilton It is from beginning to end a musical (one of the best that has been seen in recent years) and should be evaluated as such. In that dimension it is very attractive. Cinema is something else. It has nothing to do with this.

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