Disney theme park in Florida celebrates 50th birthday with stars

ORLANDO (dpa-AFX) – With stars like Whoopi Goldberg and Christina Aguilera, the Walt Disney World theme park in the US state of Florida will celebrate its 50th birthday on Friday (October 1). A TV show hosted by Goldberg will be shown on US television for the occasion, the Disney group announced in advance. In front of the famous Cinderella Castle in the amusement park, the singers Aguilera and Halle Bailey, among others, should perform.

Walt Disney World first opened its doors on October 1, 1971 – around 15 years after the first Disney theme park in California. Dozens of millions of people visit the huge complex every year, after a temporary closure in the pandemic, the visitor capacities are currently still a little limited. / Cah / DP / zb

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