«Dispatches From Elsewhere», puzzle en série

At the end of a flyer, a marabout promise: to take part in an experiment on inter-species communication between dolphins and humans. Developer in a streaming company, Peter (Jason Segel, the big daddy of How I Met Your Mother, here showrunner, director and producer of meta objects) sees it as a way to escape the boredom of this daily comfort that has robbed him of any spark of life. With him, three other volunteers embarked. Monique, a young trans, sublime and volcanic; Janice, adorable old lady who shouldn’t be too pissed off either; and Fredwyn, a technoparano zazou (André “3000” Benjamin, from the rap duo Outkast). It remains to be seen what they signed up for. The phone number led Peter to a rococo hotel where a neat man explains to him, through a screen, that it’s normal if he doesn’t find his place in the world, that he’s special, and that the Jejune Institute has the answers to questions it never had. The spectator is already familiar with this man: he is the narrator of Dispatches From Elsewhere, the mini-series opening with an endless gaze at the camera before it breaks the silence of a: “Now that I have your attention, let’s get started.”

Composed like a puzzle whose pieces are not cut to fit into each other, this AMC production never ceases to alternate cunning and naivety, refusing to freeze into a genre – conspiracy thriller formica punk, romcom , drama – and a tone. Adaptation of an alternate reality game that invaded the streets of San Francisco in the early 2000s, it quite rightly takes hold of the principle underlying treasure hunts of this genre, the invasion of everyday life by fiction. . To too much ape the writing in matryoshka of The Game by David Fincher (especially in Segel’s own downfall replayed heavily) or the sign language of Lost, the series regularly exhausts the beautiful candid energy that inhabits him elsewhere and makes him believe in the therapeutic power of the stories we tell ourselves.

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Marius Chapuis

Dispatches From Elsewhere of Jason Segel (10 × 50 minutes approximately), available on Prime Video.


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