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Dissatisfied with the specifications of the Battle Pass in “Halo Infinite” multiplayer mode. The developer promises to give top priority –AUTOMATON

Microsoft’s “Halo InfiniteThe multiplayer mode is currently in beta testing on PC / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One. The gameplay itself is popular for the mode, which can be enjoyed for free, but players often complain about the specifications of the Battle Pass. With that feedback, 343 Industries, the developer, seems to be giving top priority to this issue.

“Halo Infinite” is the latest in the FPS “Halo” series. For the first time in the series, this work will be released separately from the campaign mode, with the multiplayer mode as a free-to-play game. And prior to the launch on December 8th, an open beta test is underway from November 16th. Although it is a beta test, Season 1 has officially started, and paid and free Battle Passes are also available.

The battle pass of this work progresses with XP (experience value) acquired through gameplay, and you can unlock cosmetic items and so on. However, XP can only be obtained through challenges that meet certain conditions during the game, and due to the conditions, complaints will be raised from the beginning of the beta test if the battle pass does not progress easily. So 343 Industries made the first Battle Pass-related adjustments on November 18th.

As for the adjustment contents, first, a daily challenge with the condition of “playing one of the matches once” was added. We have created an opportunity to earn XP every day just by playing the game. We’ve also made adjustments to help you complete your Weekly Challenge faster, and doubled the duration of your XP Double Boost. And while paying close attention to the situation, he said he would continue to improve the system.

Although the above-mentioned adjustments themselves have been generally welcomed by the community, there are still many opinions from developers requesting improvements. For example, some people complain about the situation where players are running in individual play that prioritizes the achievement of weekly challenges, even though it is a team battle.

Jerry Hook, who oversees the design team of this work, also said that he was playing this work himself and “I understand that everyone is in pain about the progress of the battle pass.”comment.. I promised to return to work next week and work with the team on this issue as a top priority. The development team of this work seems to be spending a short vacation after a long development period.

Since this work is still in the beta test stage, improvements will be made toward launch based on feedback, including those related to Battle Pass. Also, in the PC version of this work, the appearance of cheetah has already been reported. It seems that tools that can introduce aimbots and wallhacks are on the market. As a result, Xbox users are asking for an option to disable cross-play. Developer 343 Industries will also face these issues.

* The event “Fracture: Tenrai” is being held until 3:00 am on December 1st. It will be held 6 times during Season 1 and the event pass can be taken over.

The beta version of “Halo Infinite” in multiplayer mode is available for free on PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One. And on December 8th, it is scheduled to be officially released and the campaign mode will be released.

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