Dissemination of Private Videos: Understanding the Legal Consequences and Protecting Your Privacy

2023-08-18 02:42:50

A woman surnamed Liao passed on her sister-in-law’s extramarital sex videos to other relatives and friends to watch, and was sentenced to 3 months in prison. (Picture/schematic diagram, flipped from pixabay)

Dissemination of private videos indiscriminately, beware of violating the law! A woman surnamed Lin in Changhua discovered that her husband was having an affair. She also used her mobile phone to privately record sex videos with her mistress on the motorcycle, kissing on the Ferris wheel, etc. Lin’s wife watched the video and sent the video to mistress’s sister-in-law. , that is, the woman surnamed Liao watched, hoping to stop this extramarital affair through the power of relatives around her. Unexpectedly, Ms. Liao shared these intimate videos with her sister-in-law and friends after watching them. Later, the third child found out that all of her private videos had been viewed, and was so angry that she filed a lawsuit against Mrs. Lin and Ms. Liao. In the end, Lin’s wife was not prosecuted, and Liao’s daughter was sentenced to 3 months in prison for the crime of distributing obscene images.

The verdict mentioned that because Lin Nv discovered that her husband surnamed Weng had sex videos taken in a motel with his mistress in the mobile phone, and there were images of the two kissing on the Ferris wheel. Lin’s wife was very angry when she saw it, so in September 2009, she sent the above-mentioned video to a woman surnamed Liao who had an affair with her husband in the film. She hoped that after watching it, she could persuade Xiao San to leave as a relative and friend, so as to stop the incident. Immortal relationship.

But after Liao Nv received the video, she forwarded these intimate videos to her sister-in-law and another female and male friend to watch. Afterwards, Xiaosan learned that her private videos had been reposted everywhere, and she was very angry with Liao Nv and Lin’s wife. Sue for dissemination of obscene images, aggravated defamation, etc.

However, the prosecution believes that in response to Xiaosan’s complaint, only Liao Nv’s crime of distributing obscene images is clear, and she was later prosecuted for the crime of obstructing public morality; as for the aggravated part of defamation, because the complaint exceeded the statutory period, she was finally not prosecuted and punished.

After the trial, the judge held that Liao’s act of sharing her sister-in-law’s sex videos to her sister-in-law and her friends met the constituent requirements of Article 235 of the Criminal Law, “Providing others to view obscene materials by other means.” Finally, the relationship between Ms. Liao and the teller was considered as a sister-in-law, but after obtaining the obscene video, they failed to realize that they were relatives, and even leaked the video to unrelated people for viewing, which damaged the teller’s reputation and made him feel emotionally disturbed. In the end, Ms. Liao was sentenced to 3 months in prison for the crime of distributing obscene images.

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