“Distances were no longer maintained” – Ufschötti was the meeting point in the city of Lucerne on the Pentecost weekend

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A lot of people were out and about in the canton of Lucerne over the weekend of Pentecost to enjoy the sun. The police were more present. There were traffic jams and to the fullest.

Sun-seekers frolic on the Ufschötti.

Picture: Reader reporter (Luzern, June 1, 2020)

In the City of Lucerne “Ufschütti” was the “hotspot” on Pentecost weekend. The police estimated over 2,000 people on Whit Monday alone. The distance rules were hardly adhered to, the Lucerne police wrote on Whit Monday in a communiqué. On request, media spokesman Christian Bertschi specified: “The sun-hungry sat bath towel on bath towel. If the police had to enforce the 2-meter distance rules, it would no longer have been proportionate. » Bertschi appeals to people’s personal responsibility and recommends avoiding busy places. And the police note: “Virtually all other green spaces in the city of Lucerne – with the exception of Lidowiese – were hardly frequented.” So there would have been enough space to remain undisturbed. Bertschi: “Apparently everyone is simply drawn to the Ufschötti.” The police had made people aware of the distance rules and sought the conversation, but had not distributed buses.

The “Ufschütti” was already a popular place to stay on Saturday and Sunday. Because of disturbances in peace, police operations had to be recorded there at night.

Picture: Reader reporter (Luzern, June 1, 2020)

Further easing of the measures against the coronavirus pandemic came into force on Saturday. Spontaneous gatherings of over five to 30 people are allowed, which has been used in many places. The distance and hygiene rules still apply.

On Whit Monday afternoon, the traffic came to a standstill several times in the city center and especially across the pier due to many day trippers. There were also a lot of people on the quays. The Lucerne police were able to nip an unauthorized demonstration on Pentecost Saturday at the Bahnhofplatz in Lucerne. Several personal checks were carried out, half a dozen informal instructions were given and one person was arrested.

in the Canton lucerne The police noted over the long Pentecost weekend “a high volume of people and traffic”. Many local recreation areas were heavily frequented, for example the Eigenhal, the Sonnenberg ob Kriens and the lake and river banks in general. There was a lot of traffic on the streets, but the police only had to deploy a few times.

Also the Zentralbahn transported many passengers on Whit Monday, as this reader picture shows when entering the Lucerne train station.

The reason for this is, according to a Zentralbahn spokesman, the failure of the Luzern-Engelberg-Express in Dallenwil. There was no substitute composition available, after which the passengers switched to the S-Bahn.

Apparently, travelers hardly wear protective masks, although videos shown in the vehicles encourage passengers to do so. The Federal Office of Public Health recommends wearing masks in public transport.

Heavy excursion traffic leads to traffic jams

Because of the excursion traffic there are long traffic jams on Whit Monday. There were several sections on the A2 between Stans Nord and Hergiswil.

As a result, the A8 between Sarnen-Nord and the Lopper junction leads to stagnant traffic on several sections. It also jammed over the Brünig towards Lucerne:

Travelers had to expect more than an hour of lost time.

The north of Axenstrasse is also stalling due to traffic congestion. It even backed up to the A2 motorway, Altdorf junction.


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