District orders the closure of meat markets and El Playón

From this Monday to July 13 at 12 midnight the public markets of Barranquillita (meat), calle 9 N ° 43-60, and El Playón, at calle 30 N ° 41B-80 will be closed. The closure was ordered by the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the capital of Atlántico.

As reported by the district government, the measure was issued by resolution 0160 of June 27, 2020, by the district secretary of health, Humberto Mendoza, receiving a recommendation from the Epidemiological Surveillance Group that carried out an active search and search for possible symptoms of COVID -19 in La Magola, El Boliche, El Guineo, El Plátano, Barranquillita (meat), El Playón, El Pescado and Vegetables market squares.

“The District has maintained vigilance and support in these market places and has implemented several preventive actions, including the installation of a sanitary fence in the entire Barranquillita sector, on June 18, when Mayor Jaime Pumarejo Heins made a tour for this area that was identified as a focus of contagion, “the Mayor’s Office reported in a statement.

In the same sense, the District Health Secretariat also ordered “that hygienic measures be implemented in all public markets in Barranquilla in contagious spaces or surfaces and health actions that facilitate the population’s access to its services.”

In addition, the District dependency adds, they must comply with the biosafety protocols established by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection for the control of the pandemic and adopt the preventive and sanitary control measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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