“Diva is 33 meters long” (photos)

Since the beginning of this year 2021, the controversy has raged in Brazil. For her latest sculpture, Brazilian artist Juliana Notari chose to create a giant vagina in the Brazilian countryside. In Pernambuca, she inaugurated her work of art this Saturday, January 2, the fruit of 11 months of work.

Baptized Diva, the huge vagina is 33 meters long, 16 meters wide and 6 meters deep, and is covered with reinforced concrete and resin, as the artist explains on Facebook. “I seek to address the reflection on gender inequality and also on the destruction of planet Earth, as an entity and as a living being. The vulva represents birth, where life comes from and the work built on earth reminds us of where everyone goes after death, in nature ”, explains Juliana to our colleagues at Metropoles.

And the least we can say is that the work divides. The sculpture was fiercely criticized by Jair Bolsonaro. “Who do you think you’re cheating on, you gauchos?” Apart from the useful idiots on the left of course, ”Internet users reacted in comments. A close friend of President Bolsonaro went so far as to suggest erecting a male gender in front of the sculpture rather than arguing over it.


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