Dive Into Insanity in Dubai

Arena Games revealed the new virtual reality experience “Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity”, which will be launched by Zero Latency VR and Ubisoft on Thursday, June 17th.

The Arena Games Lounge on Gateway Avenue in the Dubai International Financial Center offers players the opportunity to experience the game for the first time in a unique virtual experience that enjoys the nature of freely roaming in distinct worlds. Up to eight players can take part in each round and explore the world of Far Cry in its finest detail through the latest cutting-edge gaming hardware, as they travel to the enchanting tropical islands of Rook and face off against one of the game’s main characters, Vaas, and his army of henchmen.

The game features simple and intuitive mechanics that allow players the freedom to experience the amazing and exciting colorful worlds of Far Cry 3, and encourages them to cooperate and work as a team to take on the challenge of escaping from the jungle of warlords and getting off the island together.

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