Diversified nominations for the Fair Play Award 2022

(PLO)- The Fair Play Award Appraisal Council of Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper met and discussed nearly 20 nominations from experts, journalists, referees, fans, etc. to select five nominations. official before more than 150 votes were sent to the experts.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Ho Chi Minh City Law Nguyen Duc Hien – Head of the Fair Play Awards Organizing Committee shared his happiness with Vietnamese football after the COVID-19 pandemic season has flourished in both international and domestic arenas. The ball rolled back in the joy of the football participants. After a year of monitoring, researching and discovering beautiful examples, the appraisal council (Council) has been very hesitant to choose the most typical noble football nominations for awards.

Players and noble acts of charity

Reporter Ngoc Uyen – VTC Digital Television has chosen the example of former captain of the Vietnam Olympic team and Dong Thap Doan Hoang Son personally campaigned many programs to help former players in difficult circumstances. He and his friends together contributed to the implementation of the program “Comradeship” with many donation matches in the West.

Leaves of the period 3,000 m2okayc convert fromHo Chi Minh City to the yardAmericaDget inclose occasion Tet to cheer for the Vietnamese team in the second leg against China on the 1st of the Lunar New Year Dsentence. HERNh: CTV

The practical actions of Doan Hoang Son helped former player Luu Minh Tri have money for heart surgery; helping former Tshamala player to have surgery for a hip injury because when he knows his colleagues are in trouble, if he waits for money, the wound will be necrotic. Doan Hoang Son is also the author of the match that recreates the 1996 national championship final between former Dong Thap players and HCM City CA on Cao Lanh Stadium to raise money to support former Dong Thap players in difficult circumstances. difficult.

Mr. Cao Van Chong, Deputy Director of Binh Duong Department of Culture and Sports, former Vice President of VFF, is very grateful to national team striker Nguyen Tien Linh auctioning his jersey to help former goalkeeper Dang. Long Quan used to play for the first-class team TDC Binh Duong and was paralyzed with half of his body.

As for the 2008 AFF Cup champion, Huynh Quang Thanh is famous not only as a coach or a restaurant owner, but what he is appreciated by his colleagues is his volunteer trips. The former captain of the Vietnam team holds the Han Gia army to play charity football with Australian overseas Vietnamese brothers to donate to La Vang Social Protection Facility and 100 gifts for disadvantaged people in Ho Chi Minh City; Next, he joined the Huu Nghi team to compete in An Giang to help poor children who are studious.

Quang Thanh also called on people and colleagues with the motto “giving is forever”. In mid-2022, Quang Thanh and his teammates built two bridges and a house of love for Thanh Phu district, Ben Tre. Coach Quang Thanh’s Han Gia movement team accompanied, shared and donated 100 million VND to children at Children’s Hospital 2; volunteer football between V-League foreign soldiers and friends who support Mai Tam’s home; participate in the Tu Hung football tournament to celebrate the new spring, raise funds to help elderly, sick, and difficult life artists…

Diverse nominations for the 2022 Fair Play Award Photo 2

Goalkeeper Xuan Hoang and the shirt wished his teammates well to return to play during the COVID-19 epidemic season, many positive players were isolated, watching teammates play on TV. Photo: CTV

Journalist Do Tuan of the magazine Shadow Dontouched with the beautiful gesture of midfielder Cao Van Trien and the volunteer trips to help the poor, especially in the countryside of Binh Dinh. He often sent money, gifts and food to remote areas affected by storms and floods with his mind and silent actions.

Team doctor – unsung heroes

Reporter Thai Hai – newspaper Binh Duong Nominate Dr. Dong Xuan Lam (HA Gia Lai) to rush in to save your team player’s broken arm. A beautiful story takes place on Pleiku Stadium during the match between HA Gia Lai and Viettel, HA Gia Lai’s BS Dong Xuan Lam gives timely first aid to young player Bui Quang Khai with a broken arm before being taken to the ambulance to be taken to the hospital. institute.

Former player Thach Bao Khanh (Viettel) said: “I was very surprised to see a doctor in a blue shirt from HA Gia Lai team run very quickly into the first field when Khai broke his arm painfully on the field. It was Dr. Lam who restored Khai’s joint and fixed the wound and transferred it to the hospital …”. It is also important to know that this match, the Viettel team did not have a doctor with them because they were unfortunately infected with COVID-19.

Diverse nominations for the Fair Play Award 2022 photo 3

Female player Thuy Trang with the shirt that, after winning the ticket with the Vietnamese women’s team to the World Cup, she donated to auction for charity… Photo: CTV

Reporter Phan Hong – magazine Soccer Working in Cambodia witnessed Dr. Duong Tien Can of Vietnam U-23 team. At the end of the tournament, the Vietnam U-23 team won the championship, although negative and returned to the same group to take care of his new wife, Dr. Duong Tien Can sacrificed himself to stay in your country to continue taking care of four U-23 players. 23 Vietnam is still positive and cannot return home.

At the same time, PV Dang Van – newspaper Labor nominate goalkeeper Xuan Hoang with a lovely gesture wishing his teammates an early recovery from COVID-19 while wearing a shirt with the words “Get well soon, my comrades!”with a drawing of a heart.

Spread the spirit of fair play

Reporter Ha Khanh – VOV chose the image of a giant tree of 3,000 m2 on the My Dinh Stadium on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year and the 2,000 km long journey of the Vietnam Supporters Association fueled the fire of coach Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students. Large flag 3,000 m2 The first appearance at the meaningful national stadium on New Year’s Day in the match between Vietnam and China 3-1 was the result of the Vietnam Fans’ Association (Vietnam Golden Star – VGS) led by female fans. Hoang Yen is the leader of the group.

In front of thousands of fans and sacred flags who have just undergone a journey through Vietnam, Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students made the history of Vietnamese and Southeast Asian football when they won against the Chinese team 3- first. Hoang Yen’s fan is always at the forefront of relay matches for Vietnamese teams in the international arena and she and her friends carried a 450 kg flag by road for 2,000 km after three days in Hanoi.

Reporter Van Nhan – Sao Star suddenly discovered U-15 player HA Gia Lai kicked the ball out so that the doctor could give emergency treatment to a colleague in the framework of the national U-15 tournament group D. In an attack with the ball opposite the Binh Dinh U-15 goalkeeper, Bao Duc of the host U-15 HA Gia Lai saw a friend of the team lying on the ground in pain, he quickly kicked the ball to the end of the line instead. for kicking the goal to score his own hat trick. The young striker of HA Gia Lai did not score so that the doctors entered the field to give first aid to the players of your team.

Reporter Quoc Cuong – newspaper Soh GLiberation There is a “work” about female player Thuy Trang with the typical image of giving a shirt to charity after winning the ticket to play the 2023 World Cup. Right at the 2022 Asian Cup final round, the female player of Ho Chi Minh City was donated his number 8 shirt to Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai, who often volunteered to help poor children in remote and isolated areas, to auction to continue helping children and young sports talents. Mr. Hai and many people organized a charity football match on April 25, 2022 in Long Xuyen (An Giang) between the former Vietnamese team and the former An Giang player.

And yet, in the context of the HCMC women’s team without many pillars like Chuong Thi Kieu’s injury, Huynh Nhu playing football in Portugal, the petite girl emerged as the club’s leader with six goals and five assists. helped the team to win the national championship, win the National Cup and runner-up at the Sports and Sports Congress. Thuy Trang is also one of the 12 typical young faces of Ho Chi Minh City in 2022.

There are many images of fair play both on and off the pitch taking place in 2022 and the Board of Directors has discussed it thoroughly before announcing the five official nominations.

Add nominations right in the appraisal board meeting

In addition to the above nominations, the Council itself, when convened, also made the following nominations:

+ The Vietnamese women’s team overcame all difficulties in the 2022 Asian Cup final round in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and had a match with only 11 players, but remained resilient, the negative group practiced to compete, and the positive group Despite being isolated, they still practice on their own so that they can return and make the best contribution as soon as they get negative results. With that remarkable spirit of overcoming difficulties, they overcame everything to win the historic ticket to the Women’s World Cup final.

+ Hai Phong football team competes with the highest, most respectable spirit and makes the greatest contribution to making the 2022 V-League become attractive both in terms of expertise and exciting atmosphere at home and away. .

+ Captain Do Hung Dung, a typical face for the effort and spirit of overcoming difficulties after breaking his leg and recovering for a long time, then persevered in training to return to the team in the best form, strengthening his team. U-23 defends SEA Games gold medal…


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