Diversity is priceless

One again ! On Monday, the publisher Glénat announced that Man skin had just received the 31e price of Canal BD booksellers. This award comes in addition to the Landerneau prize, that of Ti Zef, the Wolinski, the RTL grand prize and the ACBD critics’ grand prize. For Hubert and Zanzim’s album, released in June 2020, the harvest is incredible, unprecedented to our knowledge. A little as if, in literature, the same novel had received the Renaudot, the Medici, the Femina, the French Academy, and was still in the running for the Goncourt, since the opus is one of the logical favorites for the Fauve for the best album in Angoulême and for the high school students. It doesn’t really make sense.

Obviously, Man skin is a very good comic, praised in the pages of Libé . Telling the story of a young woman in love with freedom who changes her appearance at night, the story tackles modern themes – feminism, homosexuality, transidentity, gender fluidity – in an atmosphere of an Italian city of the Renaissance. And the publication of the book was marked by the death, in February 2020, of Hubert. Is it the only comic of the year, the only one that deserves to be rewarded, and the only one which, while so many authors and publishers are in difficulty, must be pushed in its sales by the little ones? award banners? No, obviously. It is normal not to refrain from promoting a comic, even if it has already been, but it is unfortunate that the juries do not take any risks and do not show a minimum of imagination. Should the prices always go in the direction of the big wave or, on the contrary, make us discover small discrete rocks hidden by the foam?

Quentin Girard


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