Divided on the reconfinement, the opposition struggles to find other options

Marine Le Pen, November 11, 2020 in Hénin-Beaumont. – Sarah Alcalay/SIPA

  • The executive wants to wait for the weekend figures before deciding on a new confinement of the country.
  • In the opposition, the prospect of a new quarantine is greeted with fatalism.
  • Many elected officials are pleading for a debate and a vote in Parliament in the event of new confinement.

Containment or no containment? The suspense remains. Despite a fragile epidemic situation and a slow increase in hospital admissions, the executive is playing time in the fight against the coronavirus. After rumors of a third confinement this week, the Elysee would now prefer to wait a few days to fully measure the effect of the national curfew at 6 p.m., which entered into force on January 16.

“France will not be an island apart in the rest of Europe” in the face of variants of Covid-19, however warned Monday the president of the scientific council, Jean-François Delfraissy, who advises the government. Pending a speech by Emmanuel Macron, the opposition is divided on this third confinement, between fatality and difficulties in finding other proposals.

“Company in rotations”, “territorialized confinement” …

“Containment is not inevitable,” assures Bastien Lachaud, LFI deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis. To counter the epidemic, the rebels have been proposing for several weeks to organize “the company in shifts”: “The idea is to make the company work by rotation so that people are not all at the same time in transport, companies or schools ”, specifies the elected official. A measure that questions its implementation. “If there is political will, clear directives, the administration will follow,” assures the elected official. We must do everything to prevent the company from stopping completely because it would be a tragedy. “

During her wishes to the press on Monday, Marine Le Pen, for her part, blasted “the policy of the dead dog over the water”, denouncing the mistakes of the executive in its management of the epidemic. The president of the National Gathering pleaded for “territorializing the restrictive measures”, by adapting the possible future confinement according to the health situation in each of the territories.

“There may be no other choice”

This adaptability according to the regions was defended, a few days ago, by the right concerning the curfew. But today, The Republicans call on the head of state to toughen up health policy. “There are no alternatives to confinement,” says Damien Abad. The boss of LR deputies in the National Assembly wants “hard confinement”: “This is not inevitable, but a symptom of the negligence of the government. We hoped that the country would go faster on vaccination, but the health situation is deteriorating. The curfew was not the right solution, and the French are not waiting for half measures, ”says the elected representative of Ain.

On the right, all are on the same line. Only Gérard Larcher estimated Sunday in Le Figaro that “everything must be attempted with intermediate measures” to avoid “a total reconfinement [qui] would have very strong human consequences, especially among young people, ”without, however, giving further details. In the rest of the political class, too, we resign ourselves to the forties. “There may not be other choices, even if the consequences are dire,” admits MP Boris Vallaud.

The opposition agrees, however, on the government’s lack of communication. “The government does not give us all the information to form an opinion,” continues the PS deputy from Landes. We need to have a debate with the executive, in full transparency. This will also allow us to make feedback from the field, to inform public decision-making and to restore confidence with the French ”. Several elected officials are therefore calling for a debate followed by a vote in Parliament in the event of new confinement. An option that has not been mentioned by the executive at this stage.



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