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Tokyo Olympic Games 2021dossier

In Tokyo for the Games, our special correspondent tells the story of adventure within adventure. On the fifteenth day, he waits for Florent Manaudou and compares the mixed zones.

Wake up and small coffee (hot this time) gently in front of Florent Manaudou who points money on 50 m freestyle: I have known more complicated Sunday mornings. The Brazilian who finished third is so happy that he embraces a Japanese volunteer quite surprised and taken aback by such a lack of respect for barrier gestures.

Otherwise, a world record for the United States to end the swimming week. It’s cool. Another world record: that of the longest wait in a mixed zone. It’s less cool. An hour and a quarter before seeing Manaudou disembark, all dapper. When the guy shows up, the Australians in the relay, yet scheduled three races later, were about to complete their interviews.

I had however anticipated as much as possible by watching him from the stands. With the fifteen print journalists, I still had to wait a good half hour. And not possible, as we did in fencing in the evening, to sit squarely on the floor with our PCs to avoid wasting too much time.

Gold Medal of Dedication

Too bad, I take this opportunity to discuss and observe the place, which I discover. It’s pretty well laid out, unlike the mixed areas of judo and fencing. There are posters with the name of each country to delimit the delegations. This does not prevent the German Florian Wellbrock, bronze medalist in 1,500 m, from responding behind the guardrail planned for France.

Finally, I have a deep and sincere thought for this volunteer who has signed up to be the one whose mission is to clean with handkerchiefs and hydroalcoholic gel the railings where the journalists lean to ask their questions to the athletes, after all the world is back in the stands. She really did it throughout the time I was there. And of course did after our visit. I checked. Amply deserved gold medal for dedication.

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