Division in the Barça locker room due to the salary reduction (Xavi Hernández Navarro)

Barça players do not agree with the salary reduction proposed by the club. According to Catalunya Ràdio, three members of the staff stand out from a quorum that also includes the subsidiary team. Marc-André ter Stegen, Clément Lenglet and Frenkie de Jong have not signed the burofax that legally responds in a negative way to the board’s proposal to negotiate a salary adjustment through the Workers’ Statute. That is, the three players agree to talk together with other employees of the entity, at a table with the parties involved to be formed by law before this Tuesday.

Most Barça players, whose salary accounts for 70% of the club’s budget, are aware that they must make an effort to adapt their income to the current context, which has been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, they are unwilling to negotiate a salary reformulation with the rest of the club’s workers, which includes from executives to box office employees.

The four captains of the first team and their teammates – except, for the moment, Ter Stegen, Lenglet and De Jong – demand that the issue be discussed in private, as at the end of March, when in full confinement they agreed to lower the you are 70% until the competition resumes. They understand that their work regime, with armored contracts subject to goal bonuses, is special. “The solution will be very laborious and surely the agreements will have to be negotiated one by one,” sources close to the locker room told ARA.

Renegotiate salaries or put Barça at risk of bankruptcy

In parallel with the threat of the motion of censure, the board of Josep Maria Bartomeu needs to square the numbers, which have suffered a drop in income – 203 million in the last year – with a reduction in salaries. That is why Vice President Jordi Moix, in charge of the economic section, did not specify a few days ago the budget for expenses for the 2020/21 campaign, as the figure depends directly on the margin to adjust sports salaries. In this sense, beyond whether or not there is finally a negotiating table, the club is working on a proposal that would affect 30% of the emoluments of Koeman’s men, an amount that, yes, would not be discounted forever, but it would be largely deferred until it could be paid once the pandemic allows a recovery of lost revenue.


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