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DIY: Leroy Merlin launches into second-hand sales

There were already the “Because it would be a shame to throw them away” corners installed in around fifty Leroy Merlin cars. Spaces which are intended to be deployed in all stores at the start of 2022 and which bring together functional products, both decorative objects and tools which “have suffered a little breakage, which have been opened or customer returns and that we can no longer remarket as they are, explains Matthieu Degeorges, in charge of the used products department within the brand. Rather than seeing them end up in the dumpster, we offer them in these corners with reductions that can range from 20 to 80%, ”he continues. What obviously to save money and reduce waste.

Drills, screwdrivers and perforators

But the brand is going even further in this sustainability approach by now positioning itself on the second-hand market. Since the end of October, it has bought some of their tools from its customers. “First of all, we are targeting drills, screwdrivers and perforators,” says Matthieu Degeorges. These are tools that almost all of us have, but which we use very little: 12 minutes for example in a lifetime for a drill. “

In concrete terms, how does that work ? All you have to do is go to the Leroy Merlin website or application and answer questions about the technical and aesthetic condition of the product you want to sell. Only those in working order are obviously accepted. “For the moment, we are basing ourselves on a catalog of 500 references which correspond to those sold for five years by Leroy Merlin. But the objective is obviously to go further, ”he explains.

At least 20% below the new price

A resale price is then proposed which can reach up to half the price at which you buy it new. If this suits you, the sum will be returned to you in the form of a gift card (valid for one year) after sending the tool in question, free of charge (via the packing slip provided), to Cordon Group, a company specializing in maintenance, repair and renovation of products. The latter will take care of repairing it before marketing it on the Leroy Merlin marketplace, from the end of the year.

“The objective is to simplify the resale of objects for customers but also to offer less expensive products on our marketplace – at least 20% compared to their new price – but which have been verified and all offer guarantees ”, emphasizes Matthieu Degeoges. Ultimately, the objective is to open up to other types of tools.

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