DIZO launches a smart sport style smart watch

DIZO, the first brand under really Techlife ecosystem launches smart watch “DIZO Watch” Sports ““Smart Tech Life for Every Different You” for sports with long battery life At a selling price of less than 2000 baht, with a screen size of 3.5 cm, resolution 320×320 with a brightness of more than 600 nits at 30 FPS. It is easy to see even outdoors or on a sunny day. It also helps to protect the eyes at the same time. Support full screen touch

News report from DIZO, a company in the realme Techlife group, revealed that the “DIZO Watch” is easy to use, has a battery life of up to 12 days and has a function to detect blood oxygen. Real-time pulse rate measurement IP68 waterproof, AIoT smart control and support for 90 kinds of sports modes, fulfilling all different needs.

90 sport modes

DIZO Watch supports up to 90 sport modes such as running, walking and cycling. Indoor and outdoor, hiking, basketball, yoga, rowing, cricket training, strengthening and independent exercise For users to choose from their own workout schedule. Including a function to help record the duration of exercise each day and each week. including the rate of calories burned in each sport It is the perfect choice for sports lovers who can set their own workout schedule based on the type of sport and track their daily activities.

Long battery life

With an extremely powerful 315 mAh battery backed by a low-power chip, “DIZO Watch” can support up to 12 days of use on a single charge. Comes with a magnetic charging base for easy charging of the watch. Just place it on the charging base, it will automatically start charging.

various screens

DIZO Watch supports Live Watch Faces or screens that display dynamic backgrounds and users can customize the screen according to their needs. resulting in a new experience of use In addition, the screen can be adjusted to more than 100 designs, meeting all needs and suitable for those who love fashion. Including customizable colors to meet the satisfaction of users of all ages.

Precision Health Monitoring

With the advanced PPG sensor system, the health tracking of the smartwatch is more accurate than ever. It tracks the user’s heart rate in real time. with an intelligent system that provides in-depth information on health and fitness levels taking into account the setting goals of exercise It also supports blood oxygen level monitoring. This can show immediate results if your blood oxygen levels are abnormal and affect your health. There are also other health features that are useful to users such as sleep data. Long sedentary and water intake, which will be notified via the smartwatch.

Controlling AIoT smart homes through an application (realme Link App)

Offering smart AIoT control, the watch can be used as the control center of realme AIoT devices under the support of realme. AIoT products from DIZO and realme will allow users to experience a smart lifestyle. and more comfortable by the goals of both brands is to build a portfolio of all AIoT solutions that consumers can use on a daily basis.

DIZO Watch has a smart control system. By operating through the realme Link application, it can control many AIoT compatible devices such as Bluetooth speakers, light bulbs, etc. In addition, it can also control smartphones to play music and take pictures. Unlocking a smartphone that is stored nearby and also helps to find it.

Waterproof to IP 68 level

With an IP68 waterproof rating, the DIZO Watch is water resistant. The maximum depth is 1.5 meters and can perform various activities while wearing such as washing hands or washing dishes, etc.

Quality guaranteed by realme

In terms of quality assurance, DIZO and realme have tested the “DIZO Watch” in a laboratory (Laboratory) with 100,000 push button tests, 7 kg weight-bearing tests, 3,000 watch band tests, and more. Over 3000 housing tests

“DIZO Watch” smart sports style for sports with long battery life Start selling on June 1 at a price of 1,199 baht or see product details at https://bit.ly/3fsRXIU Or you can follow the shop at the link. https://bit.ly/3v0T1Kv


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