DJ Arafat: big controversy after new revelations about the star

The revelations surrounding the tragic death of the king of Cut-Shift, Dj Arafat, after a motorcycle accident, is far from over. In fact, in a message posted on her Facebook page, the prophetess Christ-Tamaya who claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, has made troubling revelations about the big boss de la Yorogang.

According to her, Ange Didier Houon alias Dj Arafat, was soaked up to the neck in Satanism for celerity and wealth.

“DJ Arafat owes his fame and his fortune to a satanic ritual. He was even offered to sleep with his mother. But he chose not to do anything good with his money. This is the reason he didn’t buy a house and was still rented out», Affirmed the sulphurous prophetess.

« His karma will be alleviated in his middle phase of existence and his later life because he paid homage to the Buddha in one of his songs. For this supreme act, he is in the eternal light and protected by the angels, ”she continued.

A statement that made many fans of Daïshi react who promised to do battle with this alleged prophetess. Several of them did not hesitate to declare that this is one more lie from the lady to make the buzz on social networks.

« You want to buzz mom you will have it. You are Messi incarnated no why did you not deliver him? When insults and denigrations beep you, it is in China you are looking for palaver. Good woman who advocates polygamy and prostitution, what good can she bring? Only the stray sheep that go to your house dams that you call churches. If you take over I will be very aggressive soon », Commented for example a fan of Dj Arafat on the page of the prophetess.

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