Dj Arafat: his best friend Debordo Leekunfa missing

What is happening in Ivorian showbiz? Between clashes and controversies, a new case of disappearance has recently shaken the web. According to the information, Leekunfa overboard, the best friend of the late Dj Arafat, is reportedly missing.

Indeed, the day after the arrest of the artist Couper-shifter, Dj Volcano, on the evening of Saturday October 31, the day of the 2020 presidential election, Debordo Leekunfa stepped up to express his discontent, while calling out to Molaré and Asalfo.

“Support you dear colleague Volcano! Asalfo, Molare, we either do something. We are a democratic country. Artists from Côte d’Ivoire, I’m not asking you to take sides, but let’s unite for the release of our colleague! ”, had he written on Facebook.

A message that has not missed a response from the Molaré. “Debordo, when I speak for artists, have you ever seen me post his on Facebook? There was worse than that here, we went to ask forgiveness. You have my whatsapps, write to me. Do not quote me on the web ”, Molaré replied.

Since then, it is clear that the artist is nowhere to be found. No publication on his various accounts, no public appearance. A situation that arouses the reaction of certain characters in Ivorian showbiz. It is first Eunice Zunon who launches the alert:

“My TANGSON to me, the way you lack calves there, that’s how we miss you.” The observation is that we love you ”, she posted on her Facebook page last Sunday.

Last Friday, the foal of the beautiful producer Emma Dobré, Kerozen Dj, also had a thought for the former best friend of the late Dj Arafat. “If you miss the national mimi Debor too, come check in”, posted The Child of Siporex on Facebook. I can’t wait for Debordo Leekunfa to make his reappearance.

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