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2023-06-09 12:00:50

DJI low-key reopens a dedicated store in Hong Kong and sells drones on its official website

During the epidemic, many things happened, which had a great impact on the aerial photography industry. The government enacted a law to restrict flights, and drone-related items could not be sent directly to Hong Kong. In addition to aerial photography enthusiasts being affected, even DJI, the industry leader, was not spared. With the recent mainland customs The ban was lifted, and DJI set off again, and it is unknown whether it can return to the past.

The Hong Kong government legislated to control small drones in June last year, with a limit on height, distance and weight. Currently, only drones under 249g can fly without application, and drones over 249g need to apply to fly. At the same time, the no-fly zone has also been expanded; on the other hand, due to the Affected by external factors many years ago, the mainland issued an embargo order, and many items could not be shipped directly to Hong Kong, including products related to aerial photography. Great reduction.

The embargo not only affected Taobao, but also affected DJI in Hong Kong. As soon as the embargo came out, DJI’s official website immediately removed the part related to consumer drones, including relevant information and sales, and the flagship store was no longer empty. The sales of drones, and even the courses have to be suspended, resulting in operational difficulties. In the end, DJI’s flagship store in Causeway Bay closed its operation on August 16, 2021. Fortunately, there are still agents in Hong Kong selling DJI drones, and an additional agent will be added. , respectively operated by OTG and Synnex through different sales channels, enthusiasts can continue to buy new DJI drones.

Blessing of the new specialty store HASSELBLAD

Various reasons have caused the local drone market to cool down, but this phenomenon is expected to improve after the epidemic. Recently, some aerial photography enthusiasts found a DJI store when passing by Park Lane Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui and it has started trial operation, which means that DJI has returned to the Hong Kong market. The agent is in charge. It is reported that the Hong Kong Hasselblad agent opened the store. This statement is not unreasonable. It can be seen that the signboard of the specialty store is written with the words “DJI | HASSELBLAD”. Next, it is still bold enough to open a drone specialty store.

In addition to the reappearance of the DJI store, the DJI Hong Kong official website has also been relaunched. The webpage has been revised, and some consumer drones that have disappeared for a long time have been rediscovered. Even the latest new machines such as Mavic 3 Pro and Mini 3 Pro are available. Some products There are even discounts, but after checking the agency website, I found that the price is the same as the current market price, that is, after the discount, the price has dropped in the market, which is basically the same as the market price.

Most prohibited items can be sent directly to Hong Kong

Speaking of the reason for the lifting of the ban this time, it is the relaxation of the embargo restrictions in the mainland. On May 26, China Customs issued a notice on the “Zhihu” platform, stating that it would cancel the Hong Kong-related special material order. The notice mentioned: “As the situation gradually Easing, China Customs canceled the Hong Kong-related special materials order in the early morning of May 26, and products that were returned in the past, such as drones, walkie-talkies, gloves, goggles, hats, umbrellas, black clothes, etc., can be imported and exported by land transportation Hong Kong is gone.” For details of the lifting of the ban, please visit the “Zhihu” platform of China Customs:

This means that direct shipping has resumed. Most of the items that Taobao could not ship to Hong Kong in recent years have been officially lifted and can be re-shipped. Therefore, DJI can also re-sell drones, and even Taobao can buy drone accessories directly. There is no need to go through the previous turning method when transporting to Hong Kong; however, it should be noted that after the lifting of the ban, there are still some items that cannot be transported to Hong Kong or need to be strictly inspected, including sensitive goods, epidemic prevention materials, products with large batteries, RU products and over-valued items. high product.

Looking at some mainland logistics companies, there are also announcements of “Cancellation of Hong Kong-related Special Materials Order”, which proves that it is true.

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