DJI Mini 2 review: the featherweight drone that has almost everything great

Despite having a 2250mAh battery, the Mini 2 would be able to fly a minute longer than the Mavic Mini and its 2400mAh battery. By what miracle, you ask yourself? By the use of less greedy engines, on the one hand, and probably thanks to more sober electronics, although DJI does not go into details. Still, the result is there, despite 150 mAh less in reserve, the Mini 2 holds as long as its predecessor, about 25 to 26 minutes before the device decides to initiate the landing procedure. He will have sounded the alert after 20 minutes to ask us to return to our starting point, which remains the wisest solution if it is several hundred meters away. The promised 31 minutes are only reached under ideal conditions and by forcing the drone to stay in the air by continuing to push on the left stick of the remote control. A solution to be used only in extreme urgency, because this involves discharging the battery to the maximum, which is detrimental for its life. During our tests, we were thus able to reach 30 minutes of flight.

For recharging, count a good hour and a quarter with the supplied 18 W charger. Although we cannot recharge the battery without it being inserted into the device, due to the lack of a USB-C connector on it, we appreciate being able to recharge it via the drone with a simple external battery. Those who want to be able to fly for longer can acquire other batteries and a specific 3-battery charger – which can act as a stand-alone charger, to charge a smartphone, for example -, which DJI otherwise includes in its Mini 2 Fly More Combo pack, including 3 batteries in total, spare propellers and above all a rather practical carrying case.

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