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I believe that many friends are familiar with the “Alchemist” series RPG developed by GUST in Japan. It focuses on soft female characters. By taking risks, enemies from all over the world are turned into the alchemy material in the pot for tomorrow. If the Alchemist series is added with 18 bans The adult element is the “Shirley-Golden Dragon and the Island of Relics” (シェリル~Golden の竜と統物の島) to be talked about today. (Although this work is very different from the alchemy series in various senses)

“Shirley ~Golden Dragon and Island of Relics~” is the latest RPG adult game released by Japanese fan club ぱっくりパラダイス in July this year. As soon as the game was launched on DLsite, it won first place in the first week of high evaluation.


In the game, the player has to play a cute and pure golden double ponytail novice alchemist “Shirley”, who lives in the workshop of the school’s predecessor “Deborah”.

Because the senior “Deborah” did not do business all day, he would only drink, gamble, and go to the arena to watch the show, leaving the alchemy workshop alone. As a result, the “Deborah” workshop was disqualified by the Alchemy Association at the beginning of the game. After being overtaken by debt collectors, “Deborah” had no choice but to run away (and set fire to the chasers on the street), and left the workshop to her younger generation Shirley to take care of her, and Shirley, who was kind and innocent, had to take care of her revival. The important task of the workshop.


The biggest feature that can be seen at first glance is the art part. Although it was made by an RPG master, a lot of UI configuration and display methods have been modified, and a lot of changes have been made to the map, giving players a very refreshing feeling.

In particular, this swinging character status screen and a large number of interactive objects and events in towns and field maps (there are four kinds of cat animations alone), you can indeed feel the author’s special care in this regard.



The unexpected thing about the game battle is the real-time ARPG style. Players can swing their wands to attack monsters on the map, or spend achievement points to learn various magic and skills.

The interesting point is that Shirley seems to be born with supernatural power. Not only does the wielding staff have the shock wave that can repel the enemy, but also the various bows, arrows, stones, and even magic that can be shot back to the enemy together with the magic circle. It is quite OP.

The ultimate goal of this work is to revitalize the workshop and successfully return the workshop to its former five-star workshop status. As long as the Alchemy Association’s mission and certain conditions are completed, the star will be upgraded.

However, in addition to the main goal, players can do things relatively freely. They can take risks or receive commissions, buy alchemy books and craft items, and there is no time limit. (Although the necessary books or objects to rise to stars are hidden in the maze opened by the main story line)


Since the classification of this game is 18 banned gentleman games, the bad elements of the game are naturally not less.

The monsters in the game have exclusive defeat scenes and special content. If Shirley’s fornication level is higher than a certain number, she can still work in the custom shop. After meeting the special conditions, she can even introduce the female NPCs she met during the adventure. , The title will be changed from “Pure Alchemist” to “Bit*h Alchemist” after the fame is spread.


Now that the normal part is finished, let’s talk about the abnormal part. Yes, compared to the hidden dark and evil parts of the game, the Custom Shop is still the one that can meet people.

At the beginning of the game, the plot trend is a bit similar to the lily style of the “Alchemy Workshop” series, but some strange places will begin to emerge during the adventure. For example, you can sometimes pick up “male § hair” in the toilet or bathroom at home. Later you will know that there is actually a man who has been hiding in the workshop, and then you will pick it up every time you take a bath or go to the toilet. “The taste of Jiaming”…


In addition, this game also has a “bad boy points” design. There will be NPCs in towns asking you for directions, or a wallet falling on the road. If you deliberately report the wrong way or take the wallet as your own, it will be broken. The child’s degree will rise little by little… Until one day you find a refined drug “angel dust” in the maze, so for the sake of money, the conscience is of course worthless.


There is also a fast-moving tram system between the player’s town and the maze. It is basically a moral government that saves the player’s moving time, but every time the tram starts, it will blast the NPCs on the road (also equipped with a The sound effect of the sound), and the player will get a piece of “Mystery Meat”. This piece of meat is needed when making “Extreme Smoked Meat”, and the guests are full of praise after eating it…


The other part seems to depend on the content that the handsome guy asks you to help make desserts for girls, but he also orders a paralysis medicine by the way, or asks you to make a “holy water”, but the method is beautiful girl’s liquid and vomit ( For that vomit, you have to find the elder who ran away, and then pour her with wine until the vomit), it is really too much to prepare.

However, none of this can compare to the darkness of the main storyline.

When the player has traversed the first level of the maze and found a friendly fairy village, in order to get to the second level, the “Proof of the Brave” of the fairy village is needed, so Shirley established a good relationship with the elders of the fairy village and people. So I met a lot of lovely children, and on the second day Shirley was recognized by the elders…


The fairy village was burnt to a scorched land by the goblins, and the children were brutally killed. The method of killing was to get up and shout “Only a dead goblin is a good goblin.” They all want to kill the goblins and never rest (and seriously doubt the author’s character) that kind of nasty taste.

The protagonist only knew from the few survivors who had been rescued that the goblins were directly transmitted to the village by two humans using summoning magic, so the fairy village had no power to fight back. As for why some people do this, and what secrets are hidden in the “big holes” of the maze, it will only be possible to get rid of the cocoon in the subsequent plot.

13_ Shirley

To sum up, “Shirley-Golden Dragon and the Island of Relics” is an easy-to-use ARPG, with beautiful art and good music, and from the map arrangement, it is obvious that there are parts that can be expanded. If you like Players of this type of game are a good choice… if you like the bad taste of the plot.

“Shirley ~ The Golden Dragon and the Island of Relics ~” has been released on July 9th DLsite platform.



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