DNS, Sollers, owner of Sambery and FESCO entered the list of 200 largest private companies in Russia – Vladivostok News on VL.ru

Forbes has compiled a rating of the 200 largest private companies in Russia, distributing places according to their revenue in 2020. The list includes DNS, the Sollers group (belongs 50% of MAZDA SOLLERS Manufacturing Rus in Vladivostok), Nevada Group of Companies (Samberi hypermarket chain) and the Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO).

The magazine included in the list companies controlled by private individuals (more than 50%). Subsidiaries of global conglomerates were not included in the rating, but its participants were companies created in Russia by foreigners to work in the local market and registered abroad, but operating mainly in the Russian Federation.

Companies are categorized by revenue for 2020. The basis for assessing the proceeds is the information provided by the companies, data from the Federal Tax Service of Russia and Rosstat.

So, the DNS company, founded by Dmitry Alekseev and partners, was in 22nd place with an annual revenue of 427.6 billion rubles. The company now has over 1,800 stores across the country. DNS is one line ahead of its competitor – M.Video-Eldorado, whose revenue last year amounted to 417.9 billion rubles.

The Sollers group is in 161st place with an annual revenue of 66 billion rubles. In Vladivostok, Sollers operates an enterprise set up jointly with the Japanese automobile manufacturer Mazda.

The Far Eastern Shipping Company (DVMP), which owns the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, the Dalreftrans transport company and the Transgarant and Russian Troika railway operators, is ranked 169 with revenue last year of 62.2 billion rubles.

The Nevada Group of Companies, which is the largest supplier of food products in the Far East and has been developing the Samberi hypermarket chain since 2007, is in 196th place with revenues of 50.4 billion rubles.


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