Do air purifiers really help against corona?

Autumn is just around the corner – the coronavirus is happy

FFP 2/3 masks and ventilation help, but are not suitable for everyday (work) use

How can we protect ourselves from infection when we have little choice but to stay indoors in winter? The scientists at the Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics were also wondering this. One possibility: wear respiratory protection masks of the type FFP2 or FFP3. These have filters that are impermeable to Aerosols are. However, according to the researchers, these should be worn a maximum of three times 75 minutes a day, as they make breathing considerably more difficult. A good solution for short errands such as visits to the doctor – but hardly a suitable solution for a whole day at work or at school.

Ventilation with open windows can also help prevent indirect infections, according to the team of scientists led by Prof. Christian Kähler. But even that is hardly feasible in icy winter temperatures, “without wasting massive amounts of energy and endangering people’s health and well-being.”

3 things that make air purifiers effective against corona

Could a solution Room air purifier or disinfection devices that can filter aerosol particles from the air or kill viruses – for example through UV radiation. In a new study, the scientists found out which three properties such devices must have in order to offer the most effective possible protection against infection with the virus.

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